Contest entry


a. Add the normal photographic labels:

Cannon EOS Rebel T4i, 16 sec, f/11 ISO 200

b. Include a paragraph or two about how you created your entry.

This was taken in one of the theaters on campus. All the lights were shut off except for a small flood light that I used as my camera was taking a slow exposure shot. I shined the light over Rosemary quickly and then over other parts of the theater. I then brought the photo into photoshop and adjusted the sharpness, levels, and set to grayscale.

c. Add a paragraph about the contest you chose and why you chose it.

I chose this contest because I have a deep respect for Adobe and the things that their programs can do. In addition, thy have a great student involvement program that makes it more possible for students to learn. Lastly, their contest was free, that was a huge plus.

d. Add a link to the contest website.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards:

e. Include the date you submitted your entry.



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